Steezy on 1027 Da Bomb

STEEZY’s entertainment career started in 2000 when he became a recording artist under Tiki Entertainment, and released his acclaimed solo album “The O”.  He later joined fellow rap artists Big MoxOsna and Mic 3 to form rap supergroup The Angry Locals which has recorded 4 albums, toured the mainland and has accumulated over a million views on YouTube.  ​​

His radio career started in 2007 on a weekend shift to hosting the night show on HOT 939 FM.  He moved to 1027 Da Bomb in 2010, hosting the night show “#TheSteezyExperience” from 6pm-12am Monday – Friday, and went on to become the 1027 DA Bomb Morning Show Producer.

Krystilez can also be seen doing many empowerment speeches with schools and communities, as well as hosting many special events all over Hawai’i.  A big guy with big Aloha for everyone, and a passion for entertainment, you can find him somewhere live, or on your screen from television to the internet and more!  

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Steezy on 1027 Da Bomb

  • “The Morning HI”
    M-F 5:30a-10a
  • Saturday 6a-10a
  • M-F 6p-12a