Meet Asia, ya favorite Latina on 102.7 Da Bomb and your host for What’s up this Weekend on, where she blends her love for rap music, motivational speaking, and mental health advocacy to bring you great music and all that’s happening every weekend on Oahu! Born and raised in Hawaii, with family in Puerto Rico, Asia brings a rich cultural heritage and a powerful personal story to her listeners.

Asia was not just any student while attending Campbell High School; she was a cheerleader who radiated positivity and team spirit. She went on to become Miss Ewa Beach in 2023 and is the reigning Miss Latina Hawaii, showcasing her beauty, brains, and compassion on stages across the state and beyond.

Asia’s commitment to making a difference shines through her work in suicidal and bullying prevention. As a mental health advocate, she uses her platform to spread awareness and offer support while speaking at high schools across the country on the importance of resilience, self-love, and kindness.

Her musical taste adds an energetic pulse to her show, with rap favorites like Drake and 21 Savage frequently making the playlist. Asia’s segments are a mix of hit tracks, heart-to-heart conversations, and, of course, her trademark goofiness and positivity. She believes in the power of music and words to heal, connect, and uplift.

Outside the studio, Asia is the eldest of four siblings, a role she cherishes and takes to heart. When she’s not behind the mic or on stage, she’s likely giving back to her community, hanging out with her family, hiking the breathtaking trails of Hawaii, indulging in her favorite foods like lau lau and pastele, or capturing the world through her lens and sharing her modeling work online.

Asia is an avid online shopper, with Fashion Nova, Windsor, and Boohoo being her go-to sites for staying on trend while championing body positivity and self-confidence.

To her listeners, Asia is more than just a voice. She’s a friend, a mentor, and a beacon of light, inviting everyone to join her for a dose of good vibes, inspirational quotes, and, most importantly, to embrace their own stories of struggle and success. Her social media channels on IG and TikTok are extensions of her show, where she connects, shares, and continues to spread love and optimism.

Tune in to Asia on 102.7 Da Bomb every weekend and let her take you on a journey filled with powerful music, meaningful conversations, and a whole lot of heart. Whether you’re looking for the best eats in Waianae or a little motivation to get through the day, Asia has got you covered.