Rella’s Breast Augmentation @ The Ferguson Clinic


rella1-841x1080Rella, co-host of the Keola & Rella morning show on 102.7 Da Bomb got a boob job!

After having a couple children, Rella decided that “we’re gonna make the flap jacks into actual boobs! They wanna hang by my knees, I wanna bring them back up to where there sky high!” So….we reached out to our favorite cosmetic surgeon at The Ferguson Clinic to get it done. Dr. Ferguson and Teresa at The Ferguson Clinic were more than happy to help out!

See below for pictures and videos of her journey and her amazing transformation!


[From The Ferguson Clinic] Breast augmentation is consistently rated one of the most satisfying cosmetic procedures by patients and cosmetic surgeons alike.  With proper training and experience, the procedure is straightforward. Patients will oftentimes undergo a noticeable emotional change along with their physical one. A shy, reserved woman may become outgoing and self-assured almost overnight. It is no wonder that breast augmentation is also one the most often performed cosmetic procedures.

The overall goal of breast augmentation is to increase the volume of the breasts regardless of whether the primary concern is breast size, congenital deformity, loss of volume after pregnancy, or asymmetry. Fortunately, implant size, shape and placement can be customized to fulfill individual patients’ desires. At the initial consultation a careful examination by Dr. Ferguson allows him to evaluate body shape, breast shape and skin texture as well as volume. Subsequently, a plan is made together by the doctor and patient.


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