1027 Da Bomb welcomes new jock, Casera! Born on Oahu, she has also spent time on Maui, Hawaii Island and in California. She has been in theater and entertainment her entire life thus far, making her a perfect fit for 1027 Da Bomb.

Apart from lending her voice to the airwaves, she’s shined in commercials and TV show appearances. Casera is extremely versatile and has also hosted a bilingual TV show in Japan. She is a pro with dance and adventure videos; two of her many passions.

In her free time, she loves the ocean, hiking, basking under waterfalls, and going to the beach feeling the sand in her toes. Did we mention she can do headstands on the waves while surfing? Casera loves to go on adventures with her dog, Tonto Nugget Lord Jones, who shares her love of surfing, swimming and hiking, where he likes to climb trees.

Casera’s dream is to become a voice actor, and our listeners absolutely love hearing her enthusiastic voice on Sundays from 10a – 3p. She also occasionally fills in on more shows throughout the week. Check out Casera, all-around superstar, on 1027 Da Bomb, All the Hits Now!